Jumpin Jammer Partners

The Ellen Degeners Show

Jumpin jammerz is the only company in the world to have agreed to sign with the Ellen Degeneres Show to create a unique line of footed pajamas for Ellenshop.com

On January 7th, 2011, Jumpin Jammerz received a 5 minute product  endorsement from Ryan Gossling and Ellen Degeneres. Immediately it sparked a footed pajama phenomena online where within a mere 72 hours more than 170,000 blogs had been written just about our company.

Following that event, Jumpin Jammerz became the number one google trend for five solid days sparking hundreds and thousands of blogs, reviews, emails, forum threads etc to be written about the unique product that they had never seen before. Jumpin Jammerz was cited from Time Magazine as receiving more hits than President Obama's inauguration pages. The NY Times, HuffingtonPost, Perez Hilton, Fox News were some of the media outlets who caught the story and craze of Jumpin Jammerz.

Warner Bros.

Most recently, Jumpin Jammerz has teamed up with Warner Bros. and DC comics. In just the final quarter of 2011, we sold $150,000 in only 40 days.

We have found that our customers not only appreciated the quality and novelty of our product but loved that they had the theme of their favorite childhood cartoon characters, which is why we used their original Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Looney Tunes artwork.

Live Nation and 'KISS'

We have recently entered an exclusive licensing agreement with the rock band KISS and Live nation. We are planning to execute a global media campaign around the launch of the “KISS themed footed pajamas."

Collegiate Footed Pajamas

Jumpin Jammerz has been approved for the following Colleges, Universities and Sororities within the USA. We are approved through the LRG, CLC and Affinity Group. These are the organizations that govern the educational retail products.