We’ve discontinued Marvel Comics onesies for adults

After discontinuing the Marvel Comics line of onesies for adults, we were asked a lot of questions. How could this happen? Why can’t we get our Spiderman onesies for men anymore? What’s going on? We felt that we needed to offer the simplest explanation for this decision to you.

Webs are messy. You’re going to have to use your imagination for this one. We can’t talk about it much more than that.

Is there life after Marvel onesies for adults?

Of course there is! We have got an entire universe of onesies for men, including onesies with themes from DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, and WWE. If you feel like rockin’ out, we’ve got onesies for men themed with the best rock and roll band of all time: KISS.

While we no longer stock the Spiderman onesie, there are still chances for you to be a superhero

Have you ever wanted to slink through the night, stopping the bad guys with cool cars, a batarang, and the toys on your utility belt? Maybe you’ve been practicing your gravelly, “I am Batman” voice. Come over to the Dark Knight’s side, where we make sure that you’ve got the most comfortable attire.

Maybe you’re not a Batman enthusiast. We’ve got more heroes in the DC Comics line of onesies for adults. You can try out your super speed and your X-ray vision with the Superman onesie, or push yourself to mach speed with the Flash onesie. The ladies can give their invisible jet and power lassos a try with the Wonder Woman onesies for adults.

You can rock it out with these onesies for adults

You don’t have to be a superhero, though. You can always rock it out with some of the other adult onesies in the JumpinJammerz line. Shredding it on the air guitar or playing some mad riffs on the drums with KISS comes to mind. You can even try your best Gene Simmons impersonation.

In fact, we’ve got one of the largest selections of onesies for men in the galaxy

Space. The final frontier. Can you hear those words without thinking about Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise? With our adult onesies, start your own five year mission and boldly go where no one has gone before. While some of our geekier friends say that you can’t simultaneously like Star Trek and Star Wars, we don’t think that’s true in the least. We’ve got some of the best onesies for men with our Darth Vader pajamas. We’ve also got some spaceship jammies for those who don’t side with the Alliance OR the Empire.

JumpinJammerz is the place to go to find onesies

We’re always on the lookout for designs and licensing opportunities. Our pajama experts bring us ideas on a daily basis. As a result, our jammies are changing on a regular basis. We always have a sale, a clearance, or something else happening here at JumpinJammerz.