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JumpinJammerz Sets Guinness Record with Largest Footed Pajama Party

Guinness Record HolderEvery year more and more people set out to become Guinness Record holders. Some fail, some succeed, all with the hope to be featured in the world famous book. Records range from largest Mickey Mouse collection to greatest kayaking distance in 24 hours. Many people dream of setting a record, and few will triumph.

JumpinJammerz has done it! We have officially set a Guinness Record for World's Largest Footed Pajama Party. On March 11, 2012, in Austin, Texas during SXSW week, the JumpinJammerz crew teamed up with a total of 309 people. Guinness history was made when all 309 people partied it up, all in adult footed pajamas.

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