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Blue Frosty Snow Flakes Adult Footed Onesie Pajamas

Blue Frosty Snow Flakes Adult Footed Onesie Pajamas


These Blue winter footed pajamas are perfect to keep you warm. These Blue Snow Flake footed pajamas are made from super soft polar fleece. Featuring a draw string hoodie, thumb holes and frontal zipper. These are the perfect adult footie, unisex onesies for the entire family.

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How are Jumpin Jammerz adult footed pajamas suppose to fit? All Jumpin Jammerz Adult Footed onesie Pajamas are made to fit loose and comfy, so that you can move around easily. Our Adult onesie Pajamas are breathable, comfortable, fun, ultra soft and sure to keep you warm at night. You simply slip into a footed onesie feet first! Just like traditional pajamas you grew up in. Then you zip up and snuggle up. Please review our "Fit Right Guarantee" Size Chart to select the right size for you and get your Jammerz on tonight.

Jammerz Size Chart Tips for Purchasing: Well now that you've found them, Let's make sure you get the right size: Jumpin Jammerz footed pajamas have been around since 1998. We know how to suit you and your friends up in our world famous adult onesie pajamas. Make sure you choose your height, and select the range of your approximate weight. Please keep in mind that if you are size "Medium" in regular pajamas you might be a size "Small" in Jumpin Jammerz onesie Pajamas. This is because of the unisex design to ensure both men and women can comfortably fit into many different styles. Sometimes its Take your time to review our sizing recommendations and you'll be enjoying Jumpin Jammerz adult onesie pajamas year after year.

What are my Jumpin Jammerz onesie pajamas made from? Jumpin Jammerz uses 3 types of fabrics in our world famous adult footed pajamas. Polar Fleece: Ultra soft, durable, with a smooth hand finish, long lasting, cozy, warm and 100% polyester material. This fabric is used on many of our products: Hooded Footed, Costume onesie pajamas and Chenille footed pajamas.

Jersey: This breathable fabric is 100 % cotton, heavier knit, high quality with a superior hand finish, which feels just like your favorite hoodie. This versatile fabric is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can find our high quality jersey knit fabric on all of our one piece sports utility Street Jammerz.

Cotton: We also have 100% cotton footed pajamas as well. This fabric option is lighter and great for people who enjoy a lightweight and cool fabric than our other two fabric options that we offer.

Washing Instructions for your new onesie pajamas: We always recommend that you wash Jumpin Jammerz adult footed pajamas in cold water to avoid shrinkage and or color fading. You can use a low temperature to dry your pajamas but for even better results, hang drying is recommended. These easy care instructions will ensure your adult onesie pajama(s) are looking great year after year.

Jumpin Jammerz onesies features and hardware: Jumpin Jammerz always pays attention to added details to make your adult one piece footed pajama stand out. We have many cool features on every pajama from a "full zippered front" enclosure; that allows you to jump in and out of your footed pajamas with ease. We also have cool rubberized "logo zipper pulls" that add that extra fun element. We also offer thumbholes on many of our pajama models to keep your hands warm but also functional! With large comfortable kangaroo pockets, you are sure to store all your favorite goodies and gadgets wherever you choose to hang in your Jumpin Jammerz onesie. Most of our pajamas also have our signature logo for an added urban feel.

About Jumpin Jammerz feet, what are they all about? We have designed our feet to be extra comfortable. We have added a double layer of material on the inside to make them extra soft to walk on. We do not offer any rubberized traction on the bottom of our adult footed pajamas. Typically rubberized anti slip soles are sticky and tend to collect dust and dirt and you could track that dirt into your bed. Also the rubberized traction tends to stick bedding/furniture and makes it very uncomfortable to stretch out and relax. We found that over our 18 years of market research and customer feedback that a footed adult onesie do not need the anti slip sole. So slip on and slide right into bed!

Jumpin Jammerz and the drop seat feature: Jumpin Jammerz has always offered the classic trap door or butt flap option on some of our adult footed pajamas in our current catalog. We feel a butt flap feature adds an extra element of fun and excitement along with practical functionality of whenever you need to use the restroom but decide to keep warm or stay covered up. Our Drop seat adult onesie pajamas are awesome for anyone who loves one piece pajamas.


A Onesie for Everybody

Size Chart
Size Chart
Size Chart