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Blue Pandas Adult Footed Onesie Pajamas

Blue Pandas Adult Footed Onesies Pajamas


Who doesn't love Panda bears?! Our adult Panda footed pajamas are amazing. The Blue Onesies feature a repeating all over panda design. Made from cuddly polar fleece, feature hoodie, thumb holes and front zipper enclosure. These are unisex onesies perfect for the entire family.

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What Are Jumpin Jammerz Adult Onesie Pajamas? & How do They Fit?

All Jumpin Jammerz adult footed pajamas are made to fit loose and comfy. Our adult onesie pajamas are breathable, fun, ultra soft and sure to keep you warm at night, just like the nostalgic footies you loved from childhood. Zip up & snuggle up with our "Fit Right Guarantee". Please review our Size Chart and order your Jammerz

How Do I know Which Size to Choose?

Jumpin Jammerz IS footed pajamas since 1998. Review our size chart and choose your height, and select the range of your approximate weight. Please keep in mind that if you are size "Medium" in regular pajamas you might be a size "Small" in Jumpin Jammerz Footed Pajamas. Our unisex design ensures both men and women can comfortably fit into many different styles. If you still have questions about sizing, please call customer service and we will be happy to assist you!i

What Are Jumpin Jammerz Adult Footed Onesie PJ's Made of?

Jumpin Jammerz uses 3 types of fabrics in our adult footed pajamas:
Polar Fleece: Ultra soft with a smooth hand finish, durable, cozy and 100% polyester material. This fabric is used on many of our products: Hooded Footed, Costume onesie pajamas and Chenille footed pajamas.
Jersey: This breathable fabric is 100 % cotton, heavier knit, high quality with a superior hand finish, feels just like your favorite hoodie. This versatile fabric is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can find our high quality jersey knit fabric on all of our one piece sports utility Street Jammerz.
Cotton: We also have 100% cotton footed pajamas as well. This fabric option is lighter and great for people who enjoy a lightweight and cool fabric. Jammerz recommends you always wash your adult onesie pajama in cold water to avoid shrinkage, color fading or color bleeding! Use a low temperature to dry your pajamas. Hang drying your adult onesie is also a great way to keep your Adult Onesie pajamas lasting year after year!

What makes Jumpin Jammerz Adult Onesie so Unique?

It's all about the details! and Jumpin Jammerz adult footed pajamas stand out from all the rest. Our full zipper front enclosure to the hoodie, logo zipper pulls and matching draw strings, super cute butt flap and thumbs holes. Jumpin Jammerz has taken comfort to a whole new level. Comfort and style go hand in hand in the production process, with our unique logo zipper pull, kangaroo pockets, ultra soft fabric and contrasting stitching. We have also designed our feet to be extra comfortable. Jumpin Jammerz have added a double layer of material on the inside to make them extra soft to walk on. No need for rubberized soles, that can collect germs and dust. After thorough research and attention to the design we have master our skill to create a comfortable foot sole that does not cause slipping, unless you want to re-enact a scene from "Risky Business" one Saturday morning. Also, Jumpin Jammerz has always offered the classic trap door / butt flap option on some of our adult footed pajamas . The butt flap feature adds an extra element of fun and excitement along with practical functionality of whenever you need to use the restroom but decide to keep warm or stay covered up. Our drop seat adult onesie pajamas are awesome for anyone who literally wants to live in pajamas all day.


A Onesie for Everybody

Size Chart
Size Chart
Size Chart