Tie dying clothing has been a popular activity for years and can be a creative way to spice up your clothing. The activity is excellent for kids and adults, and can be done to just about any piece of clothing. One of the most fun items to tie dye is footed pajamas. Onesie pajamas are made from warm polar fleece and are perfect for sleepovers or movie night. Making these pajamas perfect for a tie dye experiment. 

Only a few supplies are needed to create your very own tie dye footed pajamas. First you will need an all white onesie. Tie dye kits can be purchased at many art supply stores, these kits will include the coloring, bottles, and in most cases rubber gloves. 

The first step to tie dying your adult onesie is setting up a proper workplace. It is important to set up an area that can get covered in permanent dyes. Often people will lay down trash bags to conduct their work on or working outside is an easy alternative.

Next it will be time to create a design on the onesie. There are many different techniques to creating a color scheme on your onesie. One technique is creating colored stripes across the entire onesie. Roll the shirt into a tube and begin wrapping rubber bands around the tube. The more rubber bands that are added the more white stripes across the pajamas you will have. To create a circle in the front, middle, of the footed pajamas lay flat on the table with front side up. Pinch the middle and create a small tent-like figure, then wrap a rubber band around the tent. The bigger the tent, the bigger the circle, the more rubber bands added to the tent, the more circles. To create polka dots use the same technique, just use smaller tents and place all over the footed pajamas. If you would like to create a spiral, pinch the center of the cloth and twist. Continue twisting until you have a nice spiral, next wrap a rubber band to secure the spiral. 

Now it’s time to start dying the onesie. We recommend putting on some old clothing for this step. Begin covering the onesie with your dye, you can cover sections, or just randomly cover the clothing. Let the dye set, this usually takes about eight hours, so set the onesie someone safe and let the dye soak. Keep the dye moist by wrapping it in a plastic bag. 

Rinse the dye out by using cold water and your hands. Continue rinsing until the water runs clear. Then put onesie pajamas in the washing machine and send it through two hot wash and rinse cycles. The next few times you wash the onesie it is always a good idea to keep it by itself, in case colors continue to bleed.

Congratulations, your footed pajamas now have a fun, unique design. No one at the next sleepover will have anything close to as colorful and cozy as you. If tie dying is too much work, shop around for an adult onesie that already has a lively and individual design.