This Father's Day, there's going to be a zombie attack**! All of your father's friends will be on the search for brains. While your dad probably has the boom stick, the vinyl records, and the uninfected water supply, do you know if he has the right footed pajamas for men to fight the horde?

Zombie Men's Onesie Pajamas Have Pockets
Dad needs to be prepared at all times with the tools of the zombie fighting trade. He has to have a place to put the keys to his vehicle. The Zombies footed pajamas for men have it all included, including a pocket big enough to put the flashlight in case the power goes out.

Give your dad protection from the elements (even the horde)
Zombies are attracted to human brains. They catch those who aren't able to run fast enough to get away. With the Zombie men's onesie pajamas, your Dad will effortlessly get away from the impending zombocalypse. His feet will be fully protected in the event of daytime incursions.

Help Your Dad Blend into the Crowd
Don't let your Dad be zombie bait! The hood on the Zombies men's onesie pajamas helps him blend into the crowd. He can sneak around and infiltrate the brains of their evil operation without being spotted by the head zombie. Your dad just might find out who is behind the infection.

Comfortable Movement in Men's Onesie Pajamas Key to Survival
One of the roughest things that happens in zombie movies is that the victims get caught because they're wearing uncomfortable and unwieldy clothes. That doesn't happen when you've donned the Zombies footed pajamas for men. They are so comfortable that your dad might try to show off his victory dance. Not only can he run, but his clothes won't get in the way when he's wearing pajamas.

Your Dad Can Save the World!
Just from his Father's Day gift of Zombies footed pajamas for men he can save the world. He's got all of the tools at his disposal and will enter the fray looking sharp and ready for anything that comes his way. All he needs is a little encouragement, your love, a touch of imagination, and some men's onesie pajamas.

** Disclaimer
We actually expect this upcoming Father's Day to be a great day without a huge zombie horde coming along to muck up the works. While there are some who would like to believe it, there is no such thing as Zombies – they're just a figment of the imagination. But, in the event that there IS a mysterious zombocalypse on Father's Day, let your dad be ready with some men's onesie pajamas. He, and the world, will thank you.