Themed parties are all the rage and it doesn’t matter your age range. Adult themed parties take place all over the world and one of the hottest new trends is adult pajama parties. Is there really a better idea than a pajama party? Hang out with friends in sleep attire, what could be better? There are some steps to planning a pajama party and they are as follows.

1) The first step is to set a time and date. You will want to set a time and date that can work with your guests. Weekend evenings are best, but make sure to let people know ahead of time so they can schedule it in their calendars.

2) Once the date is set it’s time to start on the guest list. How many people will be attending your pajama party? Will it be a girls night? What is the venue capacity? These are a few questions you must consider when creating this list. Once you have your list, send out an invitation asking for guest to RSVP. In today’s age social media works best when contacting people. A possibility is creating a Facebook event where friends can RSVP, comment, and mark it to their calendars.

3) Time to discuss supplies. Will you be providing food for the party? Are drinks being served, if so what kind? You will need to have the best adult pajamas, we recommended an adult onesie. It’s always nice to have a few extra onesies in case a guest shows up in attire that is a bit too revealing.

4) Pick out your outfit. Do you sleep in an old t shirt and sweats? Sure it’s comfortable, but not too stylish for a party. Try out an adult onesie with your favorite theme to show guest your fun, yet practical side. Worried about what shoes go with pajamas? Don’t sweat it, onesie pajamas come with feeties, perfect for moving throughout the party. No need to worry about bathroom breaks with a trap door onesie either.

5) Set up time. The guest list is ready, the food is prepped, and guest will be arriving shortly. Now we must set up. Since our theme is pajamas, you’ll want to have a cozy yet functional environment. We suggest bean bags, sleeping, bags and board games. Lets face it, that’s how we all remember sleepovers.

6) Party time. Your guests have arrived, food is disappearing and drinks are flowing. Time to sit back and relax with everyone, get your favorite board game out, turn on some music and enjoy. The best part, once the party is over you’re already in your onesie pajamas and can crawl straight into bed.

After a successful pajama party be ready to take request for more. People love being able to hangout with friends in casual settings, and there isn’t anything much more casual than pjs. Plus additional parties will give you an opportunity to show off your adult onesie collection.