Going off to college is a major mile marker for both the young adults and parents. Decorating your dorm room is a right of passage into the college life. Students quickly learn there are some essentials every dorm room needs to make your first year a cozy and stress free environment.

1) The first thing you will want to make sure you have access to is a microwave. Depending on your dorm you may or may not have a microwave in your room, if you do consider yourself lucky. Often dorm rooms will have a common area with a kitchenette where students can prepare meals. These areas are often neglected and can become a mess within the first week of school. If possible get your own microwave you can share with your suitemates.

2) Febreze! Not complicated to find, yet a lifesaver. When laundry starts to pile up and the stench is getting too strong, Febreze it. Bean bag starting to smell a bit funky from Steve always sleeping on it? Febreze it. Now this isn’t a long term fix, basic cleaning of the room should be a regular chore.

3) Adult onesie pajamas. The first month of class everyone is dressed in their finest attire, showing off their new gear. By finals week people are attending class in sweatpants and pajamas. If you’re going to class in your pajamas, might as well go in a footed onesie. Adult onesie are warm, soft, have pockets, and feeties. Wake up, grab your books, and head to class, it doesn’t get much easier.

4) Get a meal plan. Many of the dorm rooms only have a small fridge, if any, so loading up on groceries for the month is not always possible. Also, there are going to be plenty of nights when you’re swamped with studying and don’t have time to prepare a meal. Sure you can cook some Ramen, but you have the next three years to eat that daily. Let the college cafeteria do the cooking for you.

5) Uber or Lyft. Depending on the campus and town students may have to use public transit to get around. There are a few drawbacks to public transit, for instance it only runs certain hours and can be slow. With a service like Uber or Lyft you can request a driver pick you up at a desired location, and get a one way trip to your destination. Don’t worry about tipping or carrying cash, payments for your trip are automated. Leave the car at home and let someone else drive you. Safety first.

Now these are just a few suggestions of items that every dorm room should have. There are a number of additional items that are very helpful, but you’ll learn this as you go. So curl up in your onesie pajamas, grab your notes, and let the studying begin. Before you know it, it’ll be finals week.