Farewell to Betty Boop

Betty Boop, the first and original sex symbol since the 1930’s has been among Jumpin’ Jammerz most popular product lines of adult onesies. However, we now must bid a very fond farewell to Betty Boop.

But even with the discontinued product line, we have over 200 other designs and lines of Jumpin’ Jammerz to choose from. If you remember how snug and secure footed sleepwear made you feel as a kid, now as an adult, you can get that feeling back!

We’ve got Barbie, the original material Girl, for ladies. For the guys, you will feel the Force and Beam Up in style while wearing either our Star Wars or Star Trek hooded or costume line of men’s footed pajamas. You can rock out the night in our Kiss onesies or be the hero of your dreams in our Marvel line of adult onesies.

Jumpin’ Jammerz is the creator of the original footed pajamas in adult sizes. Many have tried to emulate our styles but none have succeeded in duplicating them in terms of design, durability and quality. A growing list of celebrities have been seen in our onesies. Once you feel the difference of Jumpin’ Jammerz adult footed pajamas - there can be no imitations!

Why Not Have an Adult Slumber Party?

Jumpin’ Jammerz hosted the world’s largest slumber party in 2012 and was a part of the Kiss Kruise where many of the Kiss Army took part in our sponsored slumber party. The success of those events shows that even adults love slumber parties as a way to unwind and let the kid inside run free! If the club scene is not your scene, having a safe, fun-spirited alternative can be just the ticket! Guys, you’d be surprised how many of your bros were wearing Kiss men’s footie pajamas out on the dance floor. Half the fun is in the planning, especially choosing the music, the activities and all of the fun you remember from your childhood.

Pack your Jumpin’ Jammerz, a pillow and a sleeping bag, invite your friends and get ready for a great night in while wearing adult onesies!