Today is a day for catching your friends and family off guard.  It has been a long tradition, and even though it's not an official holiday, many people look forward to it every year.

This year, don't be fooled with immitations, get your Jumpin Jammerz adult footed hooded pajamas, and prank your friends and family.

You can become a Super Hero, and let them think you are Superman, The Flash, Captain America or even Batman by wearing one of our Adult Onsies. 

You can also pretend to be a baby with any of our Jumpin Jammerz patterns. 

And why not even become a doggie with out See Spot Run Costume pajamas?

Any way you see it, please don't be fooled by other footed pajamas.

www. has you covered, from head to toe.

Enjoy the day, and be safe!!!!