Many of us remember a time when we would have a designated time following lunch and play where we would curl up and take a quick hour nap to recharge the batteries. Unfortunately, once we reach a certain age the nap is often frowned upon and carries a negative stigma. However, many studies show that a quick afternoon nap can be very beneficial for the mind and body. Find out how crawling into your favorite adult onesie and catching some Z’s can change your body and mind.

1) Improve Memory
Napping can improve memory retention that is related to complex tasks that require the user to pay attention. While sleeping memories are transferred to parts of the brain where long-term memories are stored. Quick 20-30 minute naps can increase productivity and boost comprehensive memory.

2) Saves money
Often when that mid-afternoon time hits people will reach for another cup of coffee or an energy drink. Everyone knows the negative health effects related with coffee and energy drinks. Too much caffiene and sugar can have devastating effects on the body, but it can also hurt the wallet. Think of the extra money you spend each time you go out for another cup of coffee or energy drink. In the end it adds up quickly.

3) Improve Alertness
Recent study by NASA shows a 40 minute nap can increase alertness by 100%. A quick 25 minute nap ultimately be effective than taking 250mg of caffeine. By breaking up your day with a 30 minute nap you can increase alertness throughout the afternoon.

4) Improves Health
Lack of sleep can cause a number of health effects. Some include, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. A major concern with lack of sleep is the increase chance of accidents. Nearly eleven million people have admitted to falling asleep and almost, and in some cases, causing an accident. Lack of sleep can also diminish the immune system and decrease hormone and testosterone levels.

5) Improves Mood
Serotonin controls mood, appetite, and of course sleep, when stressed serotonin levels increase and production can be blocked. This causes anxiousness, depression, and irritability. Stay happy, take a quick 30 minute nap.

Companies around the world have begun to adapt a nap/rest time within their offices due to the benefits associated with napping. Employers know workers benefit from a quick nap and can be more productive, which means more revenue. Grab your footed adult onesie, lay your head down, and come back rested and ready to conquer the rest of your day.