The Betty Boop Line of Adult Footed Pajamas Has Been Discontinued

Our customer service team is constantly evaluating and making suggestions that come from people just like you to make improvements to our line. There’s no telling what we’re going to add next, but we can tell you that it’ll be fun and rise to the high quality standards that JumpinJammerz has set.

We’re sad to say that our line of Betty Boop pajamas has been discontinued. We say a fond farewell to the 1930s icon as we make way for new inventory. One of the things that keeps us fresh and new is the fact that our product line is constantly growing and changing to fit the needs of our customers.

We might not have Betty Boop women’s footed pajamas, but we do have many more.

Now that we’ve discontinued the Betty Boop line of women’s footed pajamas, we’re inviting you to take a look around at our fabulous selection of onesies. We are the one-stop-shop of onesies and adult footed pajamas. So, if it’s The Rock, the cast of Star Trek, or even members of KISS that you think about when wearing Jammerz, we’ve got you covered in the best.

We’re also equal opportunity. If you’re a lady and want to chill out wearing your John Cena Jammerz, there’s nothing which says that you can’t. There’s also nothing that says that you can’t play air guitar to the classic rock jams of KISS wearing your KISS adult footed pajamas. You and your husband can even get a matched set of pajamas and rock out bedtime together.

We also have girl’s footed pajamas!

In fact, we’re one of the best places on the Internet to find girl’s footed pajamas. JumpinJammerz has an amazing array of Jammerz styles to choose from, including DeadMau5, Barbie, DC Comics, and more. There’s no limits to where your imagination can take you. You can get chenille Jammerz, terrycloth PJs, hoodies, and more.

Saturday mornings used to be spent in front of the television, eating a bowl of cereal, watching great cartoons in your PJs. Relive those moments of simple bliss with our wide assortment of adult footed pajamas. If you’ve got a daughter, we’ve also got plenty of girl’s footed pajamas to help her start some memories of her own. Don’t you think that she’d look great in some green fuzzy frog footed pajamas or grey mouse pajamas? Add a little adorable to your day.

Perhaps you want to share some of your old cartoon classics with your child. They may be hard to find on television, but that’s no reason that you can’t pull out your DVDs and other videos of the great classics. We still laugh at the timeless Looney Tunes cartoons. Speaking of which, we’ve got some of your favorite characters here at JumpinJammerz.

Our adult footed pajamas fit men and women

At JumpinJammerz, we’ve got over 220 designs all for you. Take a look at our huge selection and see what treasures that you can find for yourself. Give the gift of warm nights and fun bedtimes today to yourself and your loved ones.