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About Jumpin Jammerz

In the Beginning... is the world's leading company in footed sleepwear. We have the widest variety of fun prints, styles, fabrics, colors and options! Our first priority is providing comfort to our customers. Jumpin' Jammerz are manufactured with the highest quality fabrics.

Started 14 years ago, Jumpin' Jammerz originally set out to meet the needs of people looking for a unique and hard to find product that no one had ever thought to address which was, the adult footed pajama! For years we have been improving all our products to exceed the standards and wishes of our loyal ever growing client base. We have now sold almost a million pairs of Jumpin Jammerz worldwide. But it doesn't stop there!

Our world famous Jammerz have been worn by an ever growing list of celebrity clients, including Joan Cusack, Dakota Fanning, Vanessa Lengies, been spotted on Mad TV, Warner Brothers, Oxygen Media, So TV �UK, Saturday Night Live, and Big Brother and most famously on The Ellen DeGeneres where Ellen, Ryan Gosling and the entire audience wore Jumpin Jammerz! Most recently, Jumpin Jammerz has teamed up with KISS for unique collector's items footies. We have been busy creating commercials, amazing fun footed pajama videos, countless photos several websites and great Youtube and Facebook channels.

We lead the way in footed pajamas!

Jumpin Jammerz is excited about our next up-and-coming opportunities. We are constantly producing new designs and prints and we won't stop until the entire world is wearing Jumpin Jammerz. We always welcome Corporate, University and Wholesale possibilities. Jumpin Jammerz loves to hear your advice and comments regarding our product. After all we would be nowhere without our fans! As long as people are buying, we're producing the best footed pajamas to please our customers.

Thank you for visiting our site - We look forward to seeing more of you!

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About Jumpin Jammerz



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